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Being a naturalista means versatility is your playground; we are always looking for new ways to style our curls. Hairloom Curls golden satin pillow curlers give you that healthy medium and its method allows you to rest while giving you the softest curls around. Rather than developing a product for curly hair similar to a gel or a leave-in, Hairloom Curls complements your favorite products as a protective tool while giving you the perfect curly fro.

The name Hairloom is derived from the term Heirloom and in popular usage, jewelry that has been passed down for generations through family members. For women of color, in particular, heirlooms are cooking recipes, skincare, natural remedies, hair treatment -- its storytelling of our truths. It’s all the little unique and special things women pass on to their daughters through storytelling. It’s an integral part of African Culture that elders pass down as lovely traditions. Naming our brand Hairloom Curls is reintroducing, the black magic that has been lost in the world where European beauty has been a standard.

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