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 "They call it frizz, we say its luster from our crowns" -Kat


Hairloom Curl founders Kat and Tanzi learned first hand that to be truly free is to embrace natural hair. 

For years their hair suffered from brittle ends and lack of bounce until Kat and Tanzi decided to take the natural path and soon enough their curls jounce to life. 

The journey to natural hair is a healing process. With each step, shedding away foreign toxins and false illusions. The moment you take back your natural lovely hair, mental and spiritual healing, love deeper than the ocean, fills you. 

“My inner beauty journey began with my own hair,” explains Tanzi. 

Concerned about the beauty industry’s lack of transparency, Kat and Tanzi began researching alternatives. They know that to be beautiful was to be in harmony with nature and natural hair is freedom.